Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nothing to do with crcohet........almost!

I was going to write about my family when I sat down at my computer. Actually, I started to write a blog post about my darling daughter (who is being a bit of a bum when it comes to bedtimes) and then figured "Naw, who wants to hear about that!!"
So, instead I am going to write about.....well it's a complaint actually so you can all tune out if ya wanna. (Please don't!!)
As it happens I am trying to get more followers on Facebook and on this blog. So far it has been a challenge! (I must send a shout out to all those who DO follow me! Loves ya!) I have donated a crochet article for a very good cause you can find here. Which has generated MANY new "likes" on my Facebook Page! YAY! On the down side this blog is not getting the attention I thought it would! I figured by having a giveaway where people must post on my blog scads of crochet likers would be flocking to my blog to get their grubby, I mean lovely, hands on some quality crochet. Wrongo.
TWO people have entered the giveaway. Two. Lucky them! Seeing as I am fast approching the 300 "likes" mark I will be giving either Rachel or Aimee some crochet items! Actually, I will be giving Rachel the pattern (as she is a crocheter) and Aimee the item as she likes my stuff.
This post is an attempt to get more entries! (Is it working?) Granted, I cannot make you want to enter (can I?) this giveaway, but PLEASE PLEASE enter! Please. As a creative person I am also an actor (surprise surprise) and I must admit I kind of like it when people look at me and enjoy my antics! (Don't we all?) So, if you so enjoy these antics (even if you don't!) please enter my giveaway. Mostly just becasue I don't want to look like a turd ............ or the crazy crochet lady! Neither is beneficial to my sales nor my self esteem!
On the plus side (and TOTALLY off topic) one of my sales has generated a contact for my husbands business! Who's a good wife?!?!
In closing I would like to say..........please enter my giveaway. It really is a good one and I really want you to like me! Please like me! (Again the actor is me is RAGING! Gotta....stuff......her....back......DOWN!) Ahem. In closing  I would like to invite you all to enter this FABULOUS giveaway on my blog and on this one. Have a wonderful day :)


I LOVE this hat! Idea came from a customer who wanted an aviator hat with goggles!

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