Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bedtime Bunny

Hot off the crochet hook!! Bedtime Bunny!! With a boy or girl hat & blankie! CUTENESSS!!!!

The inspiration for this little critter was kind of out of the blue! I was thrying to think of what to make next for the craft show coming up here in Steinbach and was looking through some older items I have made when I came across a bunny. The bunny didn't look to hot. First I made it out of pink and blue yarn! (How is a buyer supposed to know which gender it is?) And second it's ears were WAY too long and did not look good at all! So I made the ears shorter, added felt to the tummy & feet, and stitched a little red heart on the felt.

That is what got it all started........I figured this guy should have a blanket! My daughter is very fond of a certain yellow "lankie" in our house so I thought this guy should have one, too! Then I thought he could be a night time bunny! This is when I thought of the hat! I have always loved the poem Twas the Night Before Christmas and I just LOVE the idea of an old school night cap!

Then I thought he could also be a she! And so the pink and white lankie & hat were made! I chose to put a heart on the lankie's as they looked a little plain.

Hope you enjoy this little bunny and his lankie and hat set!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Patterns Patterns Patterns!

I have been thinking about writing out my patterns. 1) Because I think I make each item differently every time I make a new one! and 2) because I am thinking of selling them. This is how I first leaned to crochet. My friend LaDawn gave me a book with all the basic stitches in it and how to do them. I took to it like a fish to water!! Someone told me about this wonderful marketplace called Etsy and I just went crazy!! Buying TONS of patterns and making MANY cute little things with crochet! Who knew crochet could be so fun!! Now I feel I have matured as a crocheter (ha! All of my 7 yrs experience!) and I should be selling my patterns, too..........only one problem, how do I write out a pattern????? You would think it would come naturally to me as I have been reading them forever. BUT I can't! I can't even remember how many stitches I used from one project to the next. (I know I am a crazy person!) Maybe it's because I have a 2 yr old and I have to be a super multi-tasker to crochet and keep up with her sillyness.

This is just another look into the mind of a passionate, and loony crocheter. (Don't worry, I think it gets worse over time!)

All your crocheters out there, be on the lookout for some new patterns. (When I can wrap my brain around it!)

Plus I have also joined an Etsy Team! (Cool!!) Called Crochet Dream Team! They are SUPER friendly and VERY helpful!! This is the link to the Teams Blog.
You should check them out!! Very nice group of people and new crocheters are joining everyday. Plus I get a lot of my questions answered.

Happy Thanksgiving to all in Canada!! It does not even feel like Thanksgiving here in supposedly COLD Manitoba......21 degrees out right now!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Thank you for "listening" to this rant!


(Ladybug Hat and Arabella Ballerina I would like to make into patterns)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Ideas!!

So, I get asked frequently if I could teach people how to crochet. I have never really thought about it as I did not think I would be a very good teacher. Just recently I was asked again. This got me thinking. Maybe I could teach others to crochet! Maybe I could have a class at my house and we could all learn the basics! Ran this idea past my wonderful little sis (who is an optometrist by day and knitter by night!) and she figured it would be a super idea!

Coming sometime this winter, I am going to offer a class in crochet!! (I know it's pretty rad!) I'm thinking the first class will be the basics, learning the stitches, how to change a color of yarn, things like that. Then we can move on to make either a hat or scarf! Not too sure how it will all look but those are just come ideas I'm throwing out there!

Let me know what you guys think! Would you be interested in taking a crochet class?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hats hats hats hats hats

I have been crocheting A LOT of hats lately! I dream about hats it's been so crazy! Crazy in a good way, though. I am so happy so many people like the hats I make! It's very flattering! A HUGE thank you to all those you have purchased hats from me recently. It has truly been a blessing to make them for you! Customers have come up with such good ideas! I cannot take all the credit! Here are a few of the hats that I make. You may purchase one if you like from my Etsy page or Facebook. You can find me on Facebook under CrazyCute: Crochet fun by Meg (I know it's awful how many different names I have for this shop! Unfortunately you cannot change the name once you have made an account on Etsy nor on Facebook!)I really love this style of hat! I have hot glued the flower to it!

These letter hats have been really popular! Also just the plain ear flap with out the letter. I make these in my sleep!

I like how this one has kind of a vintage feel to it. I really love different textures when crocheting hats!