Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Battle May Have Begun!

Today I am making good on my promise to let you all into my personal life a little bit.......and maybe a shameless plug asking for prayer!

As some of you may know we are currently foster parents to one beautiful little girl who recently turned 3! We have known for some time now that we love her like our own daughter, in fact she is our daughter and we do not view her as anything else! The title to this post suggests we have a battle on our hands, which may not be entirely true but mostly likely is. The battle is adoption.

Our little sweetie has lived with us since the tender age of 6 weeks! Needless to say we are her parents and she knows no different. The reason I suggest it may be a battle to adopt her is our Agency is not always willing to let it's children go. BUT we know with God all things are possible! I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 

Our family and friends have prayed and prayed us to this point, the yes or no from the agency to adopt our precious peep! I have felt a real mix of emotions since our CSW called to let us know she would like our daughter's case to go before the Committee who ultimately decides if we can adopt her. My heart has been happy becasue the time for decision is finally here yet very hesitant becasue we may be facing an up hill battle.

I flip-flop all day long between "YES God you are greater and you will work it all out!" to "Oh my they are gonna say no for sure!" It is a kind of torture that I do not wish to endure, but at the same time this endurance is what brings us closer to God, where we must place our trust in Him and listen for our next move.

Last night we spoke with an AMAZING couple who have adopted their daughter from the same agency. They were so helpful and knowledgeable I left feeling VERY positive. We left with a sense that God is doing something really amazing here in this area, He is calling people to care for the orphans like I have never witnessed before. Specifically calling people to foster care. This couple has spoken with MANY people since the adoption of their daughter two years ago. Look what God has done! He has used their heartache and struggle in adopting their daughter to the benefit of others who receive hope through their story! Hope and encouragement to keep at the course and keep praying and seeking God for His wisdom through these times.

Now for the shameless plug! Please pray for us. There is no way we are going to be able to accomplish this without prayer. The couple I mentioned above have enlisted their kids to pray for ours! It melts my heart so I am sure they melt God's!

I cannot wait for the day I can sit here and tell you all we finally did it! She is legally our daughter! Oh sometimes I think I will burst out of my skin thinking of that day!!!!

Thank you for your prayers and thank you for listening! :)