Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nerdy Glasses and a Scarf?!?!

Aching arms and cramped up hands: the true mark of a real crocheter! Let me tell you, my arms are done by the end of my day! Between crocheting like a madwoman and picking up my heavy 3 yr old, I think I should have pipes! PIPES!!! Big ones like Arnold or that actor who played Thor! (Not up to date on my beefy Hollywood Hunks!) But alas, they are still flabby arms, albeit very nice darkly tanned, but still....flabby. The reason my arms are so tired is becasue of the INSANE amount of crochet I have been doing!!! I guess all that shouting "Buy my stuff, buy my stuff" and trailing yarn out my pants has finally paid off! :)  

Make no mistake I am certainly NOT complaining at all! Bring on the sales!! But I must say I am a little worried on getting REALLY behind in work! (Case in point, I should not be writing this blog entry!) Currently, I have about 10 orders on the go! Honestly, I really hope I get them all done in a timely manner. I must say ALL of my customer have been wonderfully patient and super understanding that I am a stay-at-home-mom, too. 

What about the title of this post, you say? How is jibber-jabber about arms and sales have anything to do with nerdy glasses and scarves?!?! It doesn't. 

But this does!! I have finished a famous Hello Kitty Hat with nerdy glasses!! Coolest thing ever, I must say! This is not my original idea, no siree! A wonderful customer from South Korea thought of this. To be perfectly honest, I have come across a few Hello Kitty Hats with nerdy glasses on Etsy, but I have not made one as I don't wish to intrude upon a fellow Etsian's business. But if you so choose to have nerdy glasses on your Hello Kitty Hat I will be more than happy to oblige! (For an extra $2) 

Isn't she cute?!?! I really LOVE how this turned out! I'm hoping my South Korean customer will love it as much as I do!

Now for the scarf bit! If you are a "fan" of my Facebook Page, (which you should become a fan of!) then you have already viewed the lovely scarf. I made this beautiful piece of crochet for a customer who wanted an elegant scarf for winter. I think it is just perfect!!! The color is great for elegance and if you want a bit more flare, why not hot pink?!?! I am about to make another one of these in just that color!! I did not think I would be making these lovely scarves becasue honestly, I have only made 5 or 6 in my years as a crocheter!

Thus has been my summer! Acting and crochet! My two favorite activities! It has been a wonderful summer overall and it is not over yet! (I wear my sandals until is snows!) Hope you are having a fabulous summer filled with nerdy glasses and scarves, too! Mine has also been full of dolls, lots and lots of dolls! Dolls out the wazoo! And ponies, curtsey of my daughter who now believes she is horse. :)



  1. WOW! Your stuff is beautiful!! Love it, and I will stop by and like your FB page too ;)

  2. I love your patterns all so beautiful. It says Hello Kitty Nerdy pattern is supposed to be free?? But I do not even see a pattern? I also like your FB page!

  3. It said free pattern, but I don't see it....