Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day

How awful that I forgot to post about Mother's Day! YAY FOR MOMS!! I love my Mom, Step-Mom and Mother-in-Law. They are all wonderful! And of course I love being a Mom! BEST job in the world, funnest and most rewarding for me! Just a little is example happened this morning, while grocery shopping I left the cart to check out some bananas. My ever out-going child yells I LOVE YOU MOM!!! NOW COME BACK!!! She is pure joy!

Hope you all had a SUPERB Mother's Day with many more to come! :)



  1. well i just happened to be searching crochet bear patterns this morning when i stumbled upon your ballerina doll pattern on here, which i promptly whipped up for as a present for a birthday party i had today (to many RAVE reviews!)and then began reading your blog! So all of that nonsense of mine to basically just let you know i love your blog and im sorry you seem to not have many followers at the moment but you have gained one today! And I cant wait to share it with some of my friends who also crochet! I am now off to like you on fb and check out your etsy page, swear im not a creep lol just love to crochet and am teaching myself so im soaking up knowledge from everywhere I get the chance! please dont lose heart on the blog front, it may be a slow process but sometimes God seems to work slow to us :) thank you for ur amazing ballerina bear!

  2. Thank you so much!!! I am just THRILLED you like the bear!!!!!! She is my first attempt at writing a pattern! Oh I am so happy you like my blog!! God is always so good isn't he? I know he has a great plan for me and my family! I also taught myself to crochet, fun isn't it? I love it! Although I'm so busy right now I would like to take a loooonnngggg break! Oh well! Have a fabulous day! :)