Saturday, June 11, 2011

Soaking up the Sales!

Hey there all!!!! Look at that I have 20 followers! How cool is that?!! Thanks :)

Today I would like to talk about my sales. They have been doing great! I am so shocked!! I thought I would be lazing around this summer (IF it ever arrives here in Manitoba!) sitting by my daughter's jungle pool soaking up the sun and getting toasty brown! Nope I am CROCHETING!! Can you believe it!?! Boy I am so blessed with such great customers and friends!

I listed this Captain America hat and SOLD it the same day!!! That has never happened to me before, so it was very exciting!!

Right now I am working on two custom dolls, one with strawberry blond hair, and I am very happy to report that I found the most PERFECT yarn color for strawberry blond hair!! Funny thing is the yarn color is called "Rodeo"....uh... I think they need new yarn namers. We came up with a new name, Falling Leaves! Totally good yarn name right? Right?

I have another new hat on it's way, this one is more of a summer one. You want to see an unedited picture you ask? Well, okay I guess you can :)
This one has inter-changeable flowers!! Cool, eh? And it's a bit more summery or springy. I sold one at a craft sale about a week ago in a 1 year size. I must admit my little nephew came over that day and I could just not resist so I put him in the hat! ADORABLE!!! I will ask my sister-in-law if she would be opposed to me posting a pic of him in it on here!

As for our adoption, nothing will happen until September. Pretty much what I figured as people seem to like to take the summer off here! :) We start our adoption class in Sept. and hopefully our case will go before the Committee and they will say YES!! THANK you for all of your prayers! So far, this has been a really good experience! We feel like God is just working like crazy!!! Soon, I will be posting some pictures of my darling girl so you can all see how GORGEOUS she is! :)

Happy summer guys! Be safe and have fun! :)

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