Friday, October 8, 2010

Patterns Patterns Patterns!

I have been thinking about writing out my patterns. 1) Because I think I make each item differently every time I make a new one! and 2) because I am thinking of selling them. This is how I first leaned to crochet. My friend LaDawn gave me a book with all the basic stitches in it and how to do them. I took to it like a fish to water!! Someone told me about this wonderful marketplace called Etsy and I just went crazy!! Buying TONS of patterns and making MANY cute little things with crochet! Who knew crochet could be so fun!! Now I feel I have matured as a crocheter (ha! All of my 7 yrs experience!) and I should be selling my patterns, too..........only one problem, how do I write out a pattern????? You would think it would come naturally to me as I have been reading them forever. BUT I can't! I can't even remember how many stitches I used from one project to the next. (I know I am a crazy person!) Maybe it's because I have a 2 yr old and I have to be a super multi-tasker to crochet and keep up with her sillyness.

This is just another look into the mind of a passionate, and loony crocheter. (Don't worry, I think it gets worse over time!)

All your crocheters out there, be on the lookout for some new patterns. (When I can wrap my brain around it!)

Plus I have also joined an Etsy Team! (Cool!!) Called Crochet Dream Team! They are SUPER friendly and VERY helpful!! This is the link to the Teams Blog.
You should check them out!! Very nice group of people and new crocheters are joining everyday. Plus I get a lot of my questions answered.

Happy Thanksgiving to all in Canada!! It does not even feel like Thanksgiving here in supposedly COLD Manitoba......21 degrees out right now!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Thank you for "listening" to this rant!


(Ladybug Hat and Arabella Ballerina I would like to make into patterns)

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