Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bedtime Bunny

Hot off the crochet hook!! Bedtime Bunny!! With a boy or girl hat & blankie! CUTENESSS!!!!

The inspiration for this little critter was kind of out of the blue! I was thrying to think of what to make next for the craft show coming up here in Steinbach and was looking through some older items I have made when I came across a bunny. The bunny didn't look to hot. First I made it out of pink and blue yarn! (How is a buyer supposed to know which gender it is?) And second it's ears were WAY too long and did not look good at all! So I made the ears shorter, added felt to the tummy & feet, and stitched a little red heart on the felt.

That is what got it all started........I figured this guy should have a blanket! My daughter is very fond of a certain yellow "lankie" in our house so I thought this guy should have one, too! Then I thought he could be a night time bunny! This is when I thought of the hat! I have always loved the poem Twas the Night Before Christmas and I just LOVE the idea of an old school night cap!

Then I thought he could also be a she! And so the pink and white lankie & hat were made! I chose to put a heart on the lankie's as they looked a little plain.

Hope you enjoy this little bunny and his lankie and hat set!


  1. Hello Meg,
    I like your FB page.

    Hien Warkentin

  2. Hello there Meg,

    I referred 2 people to your FB
    They have I believe contacted you.

  3. That earlier post was from me as well
    Hien Warkentin