Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hats hats hats hats hats

I have been crocheting A LOT of hats lately! I dream about hats it's been so crazy! Crazy in a good way, though. I am so happy so many people like the hats I make! It's very flattering! A HUGE thank you to all those you have purchased hats from me recently. It has truly been a blessing to make them for you! Customers have come up with such good ideas! I cannot take all the credit! Here are a few of the hats that I make. You may purchase one if you like from my Etsy page or Facebook. You can find me on Facebook under CrazyCute: Crochet fun by Meg (I know it's awful how many different names I have for this shop! Unfortunately you cannot change the name once you have made an account on Etsy nor on Facebook!)I really love this style of hat! I have hot glued the flower to it!

These letter hats have been really popular! Also just the plain ear flap with out the letter. I make these in my sleep!

I like how this one has kind of a vintage feel to it. I really love different textures when crocheting hats!


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the hats, especially the brown one with the lovely you make any for adults? Seriously?:)

    You are talented Meg!

  2. Of course I do!! Making a few adult Ladybug and Frog hats right now! Do you want one?

  3. I would love a funky, red, pretty, kind of lady- like hat! :) I'd totally order one...