Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Ideas!!

So, I get asked frequently if I could teach people how to crochet. I have never really thought about it as I did not think I would be a very good teacher. Just recently I was asked again. This got me thinking. Maybe I could teach others to crochet! Maybe I could have a class at my house and we could all learn the basics! Ran this idea past my wonderful little sis (who is an optometrist by day and knitter by night!) and she figured it would be a super idea!

Coming sometime this winter, I am going to offer a class in crochet!! (I know it's pretty rad!) I'm thinking the first class will be the basics, learning the stitches, how to change a color of yarn, things like that. Then we can move on to make either a hat or scarf! Not too sure how it will all look but those are just come ideas I'm throwing out there!

Let me know what you guys think! Would you be interested in taking a crochet class?


  1. i would LOVE too! but i like in the peg :( maybe one day i could find a time that works for both of us :)

  2. I would do it on a week night. Get a bunch of people to come down to my house and we would have a night of it! $5 per class plus supplies.

  3. Yay baby, you have a blog! I look so forward to following you here and seeing all your gorgeous and creative ideas! You are so lovely Meg!
    Love Colleen

  4. I would totally take a class from you!!